It’s the latest Hollywood fitness craze sweeping the nation and now you, too, can be just like Madonna, Claire Danes and Russell Brand.  Intrigued?  Well wait no more, this steamy, hot fad is none other than Pilates!

Developed in the early twentieth century by Joseph Pilates, this sexy full body workout is actually a form of physical therapy designed to strengthen and condition the core muscles of your body while improving stability, circulation and flexibility.

So, how can you achieve this long, lean look?  One way is simply with a mat.  Our use of props, such as balls, rings and bands, will surely entertain as you sculpt your way to a sleek, slender body!

Our next method, called Pilates Reformer, certainly sounds rather monstrous!  Rest assured, it’s not as intimidating as one may think.  It’s actually the most common piece of equipment used in Pilates.  This powerhouse machine, which employs more than 100 different exercises, allows you to use your own body weight as resistance to work through a variety of exercises guaranteed to tone, tighten and trim your entire body.  And since you can always count on FitStop to offer you nothing but the best, we use the Allegro Pilates Reformer, which has won rave reviews for its ease, safety and solid construction.  Are you ready to be bold?  If so, try our dynamic, 60-minute workout, which combines the therapeutic qualities of traditional Pilates and circuit training to safely build endurance and strength.  Come on, give it a try and we promise you’ll be hooked!

Still not convinced?  Ok, if the sheer concept of Pilates continues to have you shaking in your designer UGGS, take a deep breath and let FitStop further erase all your fears.

In fact, we bet you didn’t know that Pilates can:  

  • Reduce back, neck and joint pain-adios heating pads and aspirin!
  • Boast memory-no more aimless walks around the house looking for your iPhone!
  • Improve posture-and look stunning in your little, black dress!
  • Energize and purify the mind, body and soul while warding off anxiety-Namaste!
  • Burn calories all day long- imagine that!
  • Increase your sex life-Forget Fifty Shades of Gray!

As you can see, the benefits of Pilates are endless. So, what are you waiting for? “Stop Starting Tomorrow,” have fun, be sassy and discover, stretch and strengthen all those little muscles you never knew you had!