Kristin Cisek

Kristin’s excellent adventure into fitness began in high school, where she leaped, dashed and sprinted her way across the basketball court and running track.  With college fast approaching, an ambitious Kristin knew she needed to journey east to fulfill her childhood dream of owning her own company.  She enrolled in college and obtained a degree in business.


Upon graduation, she got a sneak peak of the fitness industry when she was hired to general manage a company that owned an astonishing 30 tanning salons and gyms on the East Coast.


After a while, Kristin got a bad case of homesickness.  Her only remedy was to move back to sweet home Chicago.  Now that she was on familiar ground once again, Kristin’s interest in fitness and health intensified.  Being a self-confessed yo-yo dieter for many years, Kristin would try every gadget and gizmo under the sun, but that darn, stubborn weight would come right back.  It was a heck of a fight, but the always-determined Kristin finally won the battle and discovered a plan that actually works and can be modified for each individual’s needs.


Eager to help others kick their bulge to the curb, she turned to her longtime friend, and now business partner, Natalie Rush, who snagged Kristin a plum little job as a personal trainer at Midtown in Highland Park.  For 2 ½ years, she cheered, disciplined, motivated and empowered the minds of many.


At the ripe age of 24, the time came for Kristin to start a whole new chapter in her life.  After building a strong clientele at Midtown, this mover and shaker felt the need to achieve her lifelong fantasy.  She asked Natalie to be her business partner and voila-a star was born- FitStop!


But wait, there’s more:


  • Kristin has been in the industry for 10 years and holds over 5 certifications in personal training and Pilates.  That’s right, ditch those Wheaties and let Kristin be your source for championship!


  •  This huge animal lover is momma to two Beagles named Gemma and Truman.  For all you inquiring minds out there, yes, Kristin is one of those dog owners who has an iPhone filled with lots of cutesy little photos of her pampered pooches!