Movie stars have been using them for years and now you can too!  The envelope, please.   And the Oscar goes to….personal trainers!

As health and fitness becomes more mainstream, we at FitStop want to give you the five star treatment. Let us help you take your fitness routine to a whole new level with one-on-one training from our very own local “celebrity” trainers.

Before our cameras roll, we’ll begin with a comprehensive consultation to identify your personal needs, goals and ambitions.  As you get further into your training, you’ll receive assessment reports charting all the progress you have made.  Longing to have Megan Fox’s six-pack abs?  Looking to tone that sluggish tush? No dream is too big or small.  The skies the limit!

Next, our 3-dimensional movement screening will enable us to identify structural and/or functional imbalances that may put you at an increased risk for injury.  Once we have an idea of where you are at, we’ll efficiently and effectively show you the proper form for each exercise you do.  Before you know it, you will be looking like quite the “celebrity” pro!

Oh, and did we mention that our exhilarating, action-packed workouts are not only designed to blast away fat, but can actually make you feel more youthful!   Ah, yes, you’ll certainly be camera-ready in no time!

And for all you wannabe Michael Jordan’s out there, FitStop exclusively offers Personal Athletic Training.  With a plan and a push, our certified trainers will help you increase your strength, speed, endurance and agility. Soon, you’ll be soaring in the air just like Mike!

For some reason, if you do get a little out of whack, no worries, our very own Post Rehab Fitness will come to your aid.  We use Functional Manual Reaction and Soft Tissue Work to correct any imbalances and reduce nasty aches and pains.  You’ll see, you’ll be back to your old self in no time!

All right, lights, camera, action!  “Stop Starting Tomorrow” and let FitStop give you all the red carpet royalty you truly deserve!