Pilates Instructor Training

The Principles of Fitness and Rehabilitation Course with Sherri Betz, PT, GCS, CEEAA, PMA®-CPT
will be held at Fitstop, Inc, in Highland Park, IL, on June 29 30, 2013.
Register Online at: www.PolestarPilates.com or call 800-387-3651.

Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Schedule for the 2013-14 Polestar Pilates Combined Rehab & Studio Course at Fitstop, Inc. in Highland Park, IL.


Instructors: Sherri Betz, PT, GCS, CEEAA, PMA®-CPT, and Christi Idavoy, PMA®-CPT
Principles Course Approved for 12 PMA CEC’s and pending approval for Illinois State Physical Therapy CEC’s.
PR/PF Jun 29-30, 2013
R1/S1 Jul 13-14, 2013
R2/S2 Aug 17-18, 2013
R3/S3 Sep 21-22, 2013
R4/S4 Oct 26-27, 2013
R5/S5 Nov 16-17, 2013
R6/S6 Dec 14-15, 2013
Exam Miami, FL

Course Description:

Polestar Pilates Principles of Fitness and Rehabilitation:
This non-apparatus course introduces current research in movement science, motor learning, bioenergetics, and communication science to instructional practice through six basic movement principles which are used throughout the Polestar Pilates curriculum. Tactile, verbal and imagery cues are integrated with the Pilates exercises. This course introduces Polestar Pilates Screening™, which includes postural evaluation and functional testing, to prepare you to properly design a plan to implement Pilates exercises for clients. This unique component significantly enhances decision-making skills as a Pilates practitioner. Health care professionals will integrate critical reasoning skills with these principles to facilitate movement assessment and intervention within the Pilates environment.

Studio/Rehab 1-6 Modules:
The comprehensive series consists of 6 two-day (16 hours) course modules and teaches the practical skills needed to become proficient with Pilates exercises, assessment techniques, movement sequences, and the application of the Polestar Principles (the Polestar Principles course must be completed first). Case studies will be reviewed and you will design an exercise or treatment plan based on the information in the case study. You will learn over 90 exercises and their variations for Pilates equipment. The Pilates Studio and Pilates for Rehabilitation series are taught together, and include breakout sessions for rehabilitation professionals during each module. The final module is often taught separately.

Upon completion, you will be able to:
Identify the appropriate stage of a client and correctly select most effective exercises to bring about a change.
Demonstrate familiarity with the following pieces of apparatus: Reformer, Trapeze Table, Chair, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector and props.
Demonstrate correct safety and equipment handling practices.
Demonstrate ability to correctly execute all exercises and their variations.
Problem solve and design an exercise or treatment plan with case study.
Modify basic exercises based on clients needs.
Sit for the Pilates Method Alliance National Certification Exam