Small Group Training

Do the rigors of your work week have you completely pulling your hair out?  Are you craving to let loose, unwind and let it all hang out?  Why not add some oomph to your life by taking part in one of the hottest, trendiest workout classes offered exclusively at FitStop.  It’s a sensational, little shindig we like to call small group training!

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It’s a known fact that it’s way more fun when you play with others.  And our intimate group soiree is sure to not disappoint.  This ultra-hip bash consists of:

  • A party of 2-5 people, making this a great opportunity to snag many BFF’s!
  • All the personal attention your heart desires!  Your trainer and newfound support system will undoubtedly motivate, encourage and celebrate all of your fitness milestones!
  • A cost-effective way of getting in tip-top shape-and who doesn’t love saving money in this day and age!
  • Plenty of variety and results!  Our certified trainers will open up their chest of “toys” in order to make your workouts cutting-edge and exciting! In no time, you’ll be saying piece of cake as you get fit, burn calories and skillfully master exercises incorporating kettlebells, ropes, sand bags and yes, even tractor tires!

Clearly, losing weight has never been more fun.  So “Stop Starting Tomorrow” and let FitStop help you party yourself into shape!